As a RESCERT certified installer , we distinguish between new installations and modifications or expansions of existing installations. 

Tier-1 manufacturer solar modules > 20% efficiency

Yield guarantee modules > 25 y

Hybrid inverters C10/11 Syndergrid > 10 y warranty

Roofing 10 y warranty, electrical connection 2 y

Flat roof, east-west orientation

Ground arrangements through specialized partner

Ballast & grid study

Mounting system Magnelis steel, aluminum & inox

From 30 kVa with mains decoupling relays

In certain cases, it may be decided to dismantle an existing PV system. It is often possible to reuse some of the components in a new design.

Solar modules > 300 Wp


Wiring DC


Grid disconnect sign

If PV modules are not reused, they can be disposed of free of charge through PV-Cycle. Other components can often still be sold on the scrap metal market.