Before you as a client decide to engage with StoriumPlus, we will first do an analysis of your specific situation. The following issues are covered:

  • Quarterly values: These can be obtained from the energy supplier and give the best picture if they cover a period of several years. In addition to quartile values for offtake, data for injection and production are often available. 

  • PV installation: What is the peak power and from when does the installation date. In certain cases, an existing installation can be modified and/or expanded. 

  • Available connection power: Does your customer have a customer cubicle and what power is available. 

After signing the quote, we take care of the application with the grid operator and work out the plan for the technical implementation of the system. Installation and activation of the system are always done by a specialized installation team after which our trading partner provides the link to their cloud platform.

Completion occurs when the installation is found compliant by an approved inspection body


In certain more complex situations, with respect to energy infrastructure, it may pay to first do an in-depth analysis of your company’s future situation. This can be, for example, when the fleet of vehicles is electrified but also when a company building needs to be renovated. Another example is that business processes need to be more fundamentally aligned with dynamized energy tariffs.

In these cases, StoriumPlus works with a specialized partner that can simulate various future scenarios based on smart energy software. The comprehensive report gives you as a business owner a much better handle on how to make well-founded investments, such as purchasing a battery, in the future.


Do you have a temporary need for energy storage, such as due to expansion of the electric vehicle fleet or are you waiting for your grid connection to be reinforced?

When you need temporary energy storage, renting a battery is a serious option. Battery rental is possible for one week to approximately 24 months. We look at what is the most appropriate battery in your situation and provide an appropriate solution. 

And all for a competitive monthly rental rate including service, maintenance and monitoring. In addition, it is good to know that using green power can have a positive impact on your permit application.

Even if you first want to find out if a battery solution works in your situation, renting is an interesting option, after which you can easily switch to buying or leasing.

Battery as a Service

Through our “Battery as a Service” model (BaaS), the battery remains the property of StoriumPlus, so you as a company do not have to make a large investment to still enjoy the benefits of the storage system.

As a customer, you are 100% relieved because control, management and maintenance of the battery are performed entirely by StoriumPlus. As a result, you not only get much more out of your existing solar farm and grid connection but are also much less susceptible to dynamic energy tariffs. You share the financial benefit with us and translate through a monthly credit note on your electricity bill.